This Week in Parasitism
TWiP is a podcast about the tiny creatures that live in and on us.

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloDickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin

The prolific podcast-shedding Hosts solve the case of the Global Health Intern with a snakelike lesion on her foot, and reveal the role of a single-stranded DNA binding protein in differentiation of trypanosomes.

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Case Study for TWiP 124

28 yo male from referral hospital near thai-burma border. Fever and chills 2 days, feels poorly, small amount of dark urine. Severe shaking chills, 1x per day, no rash. No diarrhea, difficulty breathing. Seen by local health care volunteer, went to hospital then tertiary hospital in Bangkok. Exposure history to pigs, dogs, insects, etc. Involved in timber industry and farming, sleeping out at night with no cover, clothes and sandals. No meds. Not married, family lives with him. Family is fine. Sleep in dwelling but no screens. No toxic habits, HIV negative, sexually active but not brothels. High fever, low bp, rapid heart rate, breathing rapidly, scleral icterus, dry mucus membranes, neck supple, lungs clear. 2/6 systolic murmur. Abdomen soft but tender, enlarged liver and spleen. Many cuts, bruises, bug bites. Labs: low platelets, low hematocrit, low glucose. Blood smear: abnormal, 5-10% infected RBCs with multiple band forms. 

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