This Week in Parasitism
TWiP is a podcast about the tiny creatures that live in and on us.

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloDickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin

The TWiPonderers solve the case of the Timber Worker with Severe Shaking Chills, and describe an experimental malaria vaccine comprising attenuated sporozoites produced by genetic engineering.

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Case Study for TWiP 125

Thanks to the Peace Corps - 24 yo female serving in Cameroon, teaching English and science at local school. Been in country 5 months, first 3 lived with host family, now in own home in community with electricity, 12 hr from Yaounde, capital. Reports intermittent diarrhea, loose stools, abdominal discomfort. No prior problems, no problems in family. No meds. No drinking or smoking. Lots of animals present, roam into class. Eating all local fare, cooks some, or buy locally. Eats fish, vegetables, no fish. Sleeps in house with mosquito nets. Not sexually active, AIDS negative. Young kids at school 6-12 yo, 20 in room. Does not eat at school. Not clear if water is treated. Not on antimalarials. Going on for a few a few weeks. No fever, no rash.

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