This Week in Parasitism
TWiP is a podcast about the tiny creatures that live in and on us.

The TWiP professors solve the case of the Baby With Pericardial Effusion, and discuss whether the flagellate without a flagella, Dientamoeba fragilis, causes human illness.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin

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Case Study for TWiP 162

A fresh case. Woman in late 30s born in Palestine, moved to NY. Presented for care with sore throat, swollen lymph nodes. Married Lebanese man, he’s still there, travel back in forth. Had been in Lebanon for 3 weeks before illness. Ate special raw meat dish while in Lebanon. No other animal exposure. Small children at home, works in office. No medical/surgical history, no meds. On exam, has posterior cervical lymphadenopathy. Otherwise normal exam. HIV negative. Low grade fever.

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Music by Ronald Jenkees

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