This Week in Parasitism
TWiP is a podcast about the tiny creatures that live in and on us.

The TWiPsids solve the case of the Guatemalan Positive for Rhinovirus, and reveal how to kill all African trypanosomes with a primate apolipoprotein.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin

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Case Study for TWiP 142

Woman in 50s, immigrant from rural area with limited resources. Admitted to hospital with iron deficient anemia and eosinophilia. In US. Sent for colonoscopy. Note long slender serpiginous motile object, recovered, 4.5 cm long, one end slender, other large and curled but not blunt. Send worm to parasitology lab for identification. What might fit description? Is this usually associated with eosinophilia? What about anemia, is severe or mild? Would this person have come from outside the US to acquire this, or could they have acquired the infection in the US.

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Music by Ronald Jenkees

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